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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Been a while

Well been a while since i have done a blog and with new challenges on the horizon no time like the present to get back into the groove. Last few months has been recovery from Melbourne Ironman in march my 2nd Ironman done and dusted. This year event went great with the swim being able to complete the full distance so now questions is a shortened swim count as a full ironman erased.Finished in 11.15 so still loads of work to be done but for the amount of work i put in i was happy with my result.
Like all athletes the training takes plenty of time and commitment just to get through the day so you need the support of family and training partners for all the days you are totally stuffed after yet another hard session and thinking of backing up again the next day. My wife is my number 1 supporter so to see her at the finish chute each time is my number goal for the day.

Training partners are vital and so are coaches and you cant go past the www.teamtricoaching.com crew not only great people its a family enviroment that breeds success and head coach Xavier Coppock lead the way with 8.42 on race day. This team has no no less than 7 athletes going to the big dance KONA in 2014.

Next event for me is one with some sunshine so www.challenge-family.com/challenge-gold-goast it is. Drove over the bike leg recently while i was up on the Goldy will be a very tough race.


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