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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Almost that time again

Well Cairns Ironman only a 10 days away thought be the right time write another blog. Backing up from Melbourne in march was always going to be an issue of weather I had a say in what I could do based on my body bouncing back. The week after Melbourne I was on cloud 9 great buzz still in town every body talking bout the Ironman, then came week 2,3,4 then was realisation time I have to do this again in 6 weeks time.

Maintaining motivation has been the strongest hurdle due to work commitments and the disappearing sunlight these last few weeks. The training group also has dwindled down with only a few doing cairns. I have spent bit more time in the pool in recent weeks and having some 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Xavier squeezing in good sessions up and down the black line. With the outdoor swim sets switched to the indoor pool at highpoint I have been getting up to 4km sets each Monday night. We have spent more time on drills since switching to the pool which has seen my 100m splits drop from 1.45 on a 2.30 cycle to down last week completing the 100m splits in 130-1.35 on a 2.15 cycle. Other than feeling rather ark ward during the drills sets it has helped my swim stroke no end. Getting in 3 good sessions per week have been able to get between 8-10 km a week in the water.

So in the time between races I have squeezed in a couple local club cycling races which was nice change from doing long rides on the TT bike prior to Melbourne and get out and get amongst the lads and racing in a bunch. I knew I was due for a long TT day so I braved the cold and headed for a 5 hour solo mission . 2 hours into the ride and I was still thawing out headed for the nearest coffee stop. Was in Lara just out of Geelong so headed to www.rodsbakery.com.au/ do yourself a favour good coffee even better food, fuelled up and headed towards the Brisbane ranges. Legs came good after a another hour and before I knew it 3 hours down. Did few Ironman race efforts and felt comfortable so signs were positive. Sometimes you know you just need a long solo mission to get the train back on track. 5 hours I was home and pleasing part was the TT bike didn't prove uncomfortable since I barely had been on it Melbourne.

Running has been steady still getting 30 plus km avg per week  couple bigger weeks here and there. I have had few minor knee  problems since Melbourne but nothing to totally stop and impact.

No other news will keep you posted on the race end of next week but no goal in mind at Cairns other than get through another day out. Looking forward to mid winter break in Cairns also which will be nice and have my Dad up there watching for the first time which will be the my driving force behind my day out. Another story for another day but will be glad to have him there.

Will update before race day once I arrive in sunny and I mean sunny Cairns.

Cheers Damo

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