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Monday, 7 January 2013

Training Camp

With the Xmas cheer over and done with for another year it was time to get some training in while having time off work. Coach Xavier had set down some good training days to make use of the time spare for all involved.With many of his athletes racing Ironman Melbourne was good to time to have a training camp.
Day 1.  Was a 3hour ride around on some flat roads around werribbe south area followed by a 30 min steady run  off the bike which turned into a race then nice cold water recovery at Williamstown beach .

Day 2.  4 hours up around King lake area where the terrain is very lumpy and some solid climbs. We had set down repeats of Humevale climb a 7 km climb which then turns into a 17 km circuit so by days end had completed 21km of climbing which is about 21km more than i have done in recent times. Once back at starting point this was followed by a 40 min run off the bike and with all the climbing in my legs i was on struggle street and the run was terrible but got through it. This was a good mental barrier to overcome as come race day i am sure i will be fighting the same feeling.
Completed set down  45msecond run late in the afternoon and legs were cactus.

Day 3. Recovery day steady 3 hour ride well it was far from it as the wind and rain decided to belt us all morning as we headed down the coast and legs were feeling every kilometre.With tail cross wind coming back help ease the pain on this recovery ride.

Day 4. King lake loop on the bike first up another 4 hours or so in the saddle with some more climbing to be done. As we rolled off from Kew Blvd we set sail for Kinglake and even rolling out of town each incline was a battle. After an hour i thought my day is over and few others in the group where tired and flat also. But as a group we rolled on towards king lake and the kilometres just kept clicking over and before we knew it we were at the base on the Kinglake climb. Once on the climb i just set my own tempo as i didn't have much choice and ticked away till we all regrouped at the top. After a fuel stop we headed back to base to complete the 40 min run set down after the ride.
Headed out on the run and settled into steady tempo and felt tired but able to tick over the kilometres . On completion of the run was warming up so another 5 hour training session had been completed.

Day 5.  2 hour run was set down on the program this would be my longest run time wise and at the end of a solid week of training would soon find out how i would go. We headed out from the famous Tan running track towards Port Melbourne along beach road and took a lap of Albert park lake and before we knew it the 2 hours had passed by to complete 20 km in just over 1hour 55 Mins was awesome feeling . Great way to end the week  of training with personal best distance in running and also longest time i have run for.

Day 6 . Morning swim at Willy beach was on the menu first this morning and the weather gods were shining as the bay was calm and water was spot on temperature wise . My swimming has been badly neglected in the last couple weeks at it showed as i was in dire straights no strength and was very much a fish out of water today. This was followed by a 2 hour recovery ride which  was much more enjoyable than the earlier recovery ride during the week.

So training camp all done and dusted for me as my duties with cycling commitments took over .
Great week of training with great group of people and looking forward to few more training sessions as we all move closer to lining up for Ironman Melbourne in late March.

Cheers Damo

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