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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Taking the plunge

One sunday afternoon was perched up down St Kilda beach watching the Melbourne Ironman only 50 metres from the finish line made me take the plunge and enter Ironman event in 2013. With several Ironman events selling out in record times choice was not an easy option. With being in Melbourne the most obvious race to do was Ironman Melbourne. That choice vanished in 4min. 52 sec record sellout time wise.

Option 2 was to try for Cairns Ironman 2013 ideal place for a nice mid winter break and having lived there, knew the area and course which provides great knowledge to make that first plunge into Ironman racing easier (logistics anyway). So the day had come for online nominations and after missing out on Melbourne i was loaded ready to go. Bang first try i was into the registration pages and then came the ultimate commitment PAY NOW click . Now the road begins to compete in my first ever Ironman. Along with the entry to Cairns 2013 was 50 lottery spots for a selected Ironman of your choice. Whats the chances with over 1100 entrants of getting a lottery spot , well my number came in and now i have a lottery into Ironmn Melbourne in march 2013. Have not made my desicion on Melbourne but will need to in teh coming weeks.

Time to transfer from a cyclist to the dark side a triathlete. I always enjoy a great challenge and now taking on this Ironman game there is no greater challenge in the world to complete 3.8km swim 180km bike and 42.2 km run in one single day. To co ordinate training for 3 disciplines and heavy work load  and my involvement  with Genesys wealth advisers pro cycling team will be a challenge in its self. In the last 2 months i have been slowly building up running km and consistent bike km to start the process. Each week over the last couple months i have avg 25-35 km a week running and 300km on the bike to get the body used to the work load.

This is why i went down this process of starting this blog to record my thoughts along the way to completing my first Ironman.

Finishline Melbourne Ironman 2012

Option two was to try eneter


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